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Karla Fletcher
Karla Fletcher

I love riding. From early days in primary school, I had no worries ditching breakfast before school to fit in for an extra hour of riding my bike. It was my mode of transport, my access to freedom and just a great way to explore my hometown. I picked up my first cross-country bike in my early teens and quickly caught the mountain bug. Riding in nature has always been my call, whether it is tackling a big hill to get to the top of those epic views and hitting a swift downhill through the single-track or grinding through gravel roads in the countryside. I discovered Gravel bikes and knew this is an experience and a culture I wanted to share with the world. Those sunshine days rolling through the countryside on my gravel bike, a smile plastered all over my face while passing farm animals and smells. It has become my quest to share this with as many people as possible. Everything is more memorable on a bike, mountains are bigger, views are better, and friendships get closer. Guiding and watching people see parts of the country they would never have seen before, has got to be top of the most rewarding experiences for me. The big smiles at the end of the day when they have not only achieved a certain level of distance for the day but have all the stories to tell around magnificent South African wine tasting and a good old fire lit braai.

Richard Lord

My lifelong adventures for all things bicycling started with my first “real” two wheeler bicycle, a sturdy commuter bike with flat bars, flat pedals, no mudguards and only a back brake. I was the quickest kid around our local dirt-track circuit. Looking back, one of reasons why I beat the others was the bike itself, simple geometry and for those times, fattish all terrain tyres. Also, most of the other kids were on “choppers” which were notoriously bad for getting speed wobbles and had terrible cornering traction. From there the love morphed into drop bars as a school commuting bicycle. We had a hellishly challenging hill on the way to school which sometimes prevented me from making class. That same hill on the way home cost my parents a penny in school shoes as they become brakes when the real brakes weren’t up to the task. Skipping a decade or two for reasons of girls, studies, partying and general teenage angst, my next memorable bicycle purchase was a custom Trek 8000 imported from the USA with bonded aluminium joints, Mars Elite fork and XTR V-brakes That 8000 etched so many good memories into my minds archives. I miss that bike, a lot. From that bike on, bicycle purchases became a quick succession of full suspension bikes. Suspension technology was rapidly evolving and next year’s model was so much better than my current ride. I became a sucker for all the marketing hype and still am to this day. My current bikes are a Rondo gravel bike and the Yeti SB130 which pretty much covers all my adventure requirements, for the time being. So, as you can tell, I have a history and a fetish for cycling! Otherwise known as a “lifer”

Martin Prest
Martin Prest

Martin Prest is a fitness enthusiast who is passionate about Cycling, Mountain Biking, Kite boarding, SUPing and Scuba Diving.

He is a friendly enthusiastic person, with a mission to inspire people in life to experience new activities and experiences and assist them to do it safely and leave a lasting impression on their life.

Martin achieved a B Phys Ed degree in Sport Science (Wits), National Academy of Sport Medicine Personal Training certifications), Sport massage certification (Ralf Perily) as well as a PADI Master Diving Instructor Certification.

Martin has spent 10 years Personal Fitness Training as well as another 10 years teaching Scuba diving and now loves taking cyclists on awesome experiences creating vivid memories.

Martin motto in life is to Live Life everyday.

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